Welcome! Our community goal is to keep all Artists and Crafters,

alive and thriving. All-year-round. We want you to be a part of it,

and reach out to potential customers, and sell to them year-round,

here, online.


This page is for individual artists, and craftspeople professionals. We can get through difficult times as a community but also take this opportunity to evolve, and make permanent strides that are lucrative, safe, and empowering for our community.


Why do this now?

Gallery and outdoor foot traffic, the mainstay of summer in our community, is unpredictable right now. People are scared. But we can connect to them and have a thriving virtual life. Woodstock Treasure Market, started by locals for locals, has an engaged database of customers in the Hudson Valley, including Woodstock, Kingston, Saugerties, Rhinebeck, Red Hook, Phoenicia, Rosendale, Catskill, Hudson, NYC/Brooklyn. We are building a national database of thousands of people we know, through Facebook and Instagram, whom you can sell art and crafts to—the sort of art and crafts that sell well online—and invite them into our community, which is really loved by many who are simply beyond driving distance.


We are here to help you curate the right art and craft products, price them well, and do your digital marketing for you, so you can get revenue flowing in. We are professionals in digital marketing. The main investor in WTM is doing this pro bono, for our community. We are an incubator. We do what is out of reach for many:


Pay a web designer, create a site, and then do all the legwork, pay social media experts so that your products and services actually sell. We have the eCommerce, digital marketing to get you visibility on Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy. We have taken care of legalities. We enable you to accept credit cards and PayPal, to ship, deliver, or have curbside pick up. 


What do you get when you sign up to sell here, in our community marketplace?

  • A host---us. We will help you with branding. 

  • Visibility.

  • Access to a database of your buyers

  • Social media advertising

  • Ecommerce transaction settlement—accept payments online!

  • A platform to be a part of that connects to your buyers. You can maneuver social media advertising alone, but on a platform, with a database of qualified prospects, you will reach more buyers and build your brand.


Below is what you need to do to get started. You can get started with just one item for sale. Add later. Get used to it. We’re not going anywhere. Please call or email with any questions. We are locals. We want to help brand and curate. 


Seller's Page 


Step 1: Here's how to fill out and submit forms.

Please Read Terms, Conditions, and Liability.


​How it works and what we offer!


Choose your type of webpage:


Long Weekend 

  • 20 products loaded for free

  • WTM receives 20 % with the sale

  • Loaded on Thursday down on Monday

  • Services Includes:

    • Social Media shares. 

    • This means we post on Facebook, Instagram. Upgrade to 4-month shelf get included in a special curated Woodstock Treasure market mall on Etsy—where we choose the best of WTM and do targeted marketing. You don’t have to be a brick and mortar store to be part of the mall.


1 Month Shelf 

  • 25 products loaded for free

  • one-time fee of $25.

  • WTM receives 20 % with the sale

  • Services Includes:

    • 4 Social Media Shares each week

    • 1 PR release to free media

    • 1 Emailing to Interior Designers 

4 Months Store

  • 10 products loaded for free

  • additional products loaded for $1.00 per

  • WTM receives 25% with the sale 

  • Services Includes:

    • Premium WTM home page placement.
    • 1 PR release to free media

    • 1 Mass Email to Interior Designers

    • 1 short Blog Promotion 

  • 4 Social Media Shares each week

    • Facebook​

    • Instagram

    • Pinterest



Services Included with 4 months Store, geared towards Artists / Crafters: 

  • Social media shares each week

  • PR release to free media each month

  • 1 Mass Email to Interior Designers and Galleries

  • 1 art image on a virtual wall

  • 1 short Blog Promotion 

  • Etsy—where we choose the best of WTM and do targeted marketing. The Etsy store is for selected pieces by WTM.

Tip! How to write a Business/ Personal/ Artist Statement:

Between 150-200 words (two paragraphs)   

Keep it simple. Express what is unique about you in a general introduction about yourself, your work, a body of work, or a specific project—why you do what you do. Choose a theme for your products. The first paragraph should open with the basic ideas in an overview. The second paragraph should go into detail about how these issues or ideas are presented in your work.


Product Form

(The Product Form has 10 Titles per-form. Please submit as many times as needed. Please note to add your last name with the description.)

Product Title:




Discounted Price:

Last Name & Description:

(This is in case someone makes WTM an offer. I will not contact you for approval to sell at the discounted price.)

Tip! Photo Requirements:

Take photos of your product with outdoor lighting. Do not photograph in bright sunshine, it leaves a glare or shadows. Indirect lighting works best. Do not take photos on an angle. Moving forward we are asking that you please place a standard item within the photo to show a size comparison for Products. 


Where to send photos:

When you submit an enrollment form we will send you a folder linked to your choice of  Dropbox, Wetransfer, or Google Photos. Remember, don’t hesitate to call or email with questions. 



If interested in supporting the Woodstock Library, you can give Art books to sell for the Library page. ( no ref. books) Books will be listed for a minimum of 1.00 per, and 80% of sales are for the Library and 20% for WTM overhead. We love the library and will be doing periodic social media posts promoting this fundraiser. All participants will be listed in the social media post. Please note that the books listed are strictly from sellers' who have a gallery page with WTM.