Hello everyone!

This Woodstock community is a Treasure of artisans in need of an online outlet to sell their art. Woodstock Treasure Market is here for you. We are an online eCommerce site for the community to sell and purchase art and craft products made by local artists and crafters.  In addition to local artisans shops, you will find a shop of art books. 75% of the book sales will go to the Woodstock Library. We have a Miscellaneous shop to purchase from individuals who may have a singular piece of art to sell. Hold on! We can't forget our kids! Children's art, ages 10-18 years old, will be available.  


How does it work:


  • Check out the instructions page.

  • No fees to list. WTM takes a 25% commission from the sale. 

  • Enroll.

  • Fill out the product page.

  • Send photos.

  • When your item sells, I will contact you with buyer info, so you can make the arrangements for safe drop-off or pick-up of a safely cleaned item. The artisan seller must provide a safe place for pick-up, make arrangements for drop off, or if agreed to, make shipping arrangements. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the buyer.  All items must be cleaned and wiped down. 

  • payment from WTM to Seller of sold items will be within     48 hours by Paypal.


 All items are:


  • one page per person. 

  • purchased as a product.

  • are not to be sold elsewhere unless pulled from this online website first.

  • paid by credit card or PayPal and carts are no less than $5.

  • arranged by (Seller) with (Buyer) to be picked up at the seller's home.

  • non-refundable or allowed to be haggled at pick-up

  • pick-up only or deliveries will be posted on the seller's page. Shipping is decided between seller and buyer after purchase. Shipping must be paid for by the buyer separately from the purchase price to the seller.

  • cleaned before pick-up

  • WTM gives no warranty of product or Refunds.




After purchase, you will be contacted and given the phone number of the seller and them yours. You will then contact the seller and or buyer to arrange a time to pick up your item. Please text the owner when you have arrived at the home or decided drop off, to pick up your item. Do not knock on their door.

Well, that's about it for now. 

I'm sure there will be changes as we go. Please be

patient and kind. We are all in this together.


You too can have an online Artist or Craft page

to sell your wares to the local community.